21 February 2013

February tag/ lutowy tag

This month we had simple instructions - four legged animals.  The rest was left to the participants.  I created a romantic cat tag, remembering about the Valentine's Day which we had in February.

W tym miesiacu byly proste instrukcje - Zwierzyniec - cztery lapy.  Pozostale elementy byly dowolne.  Ja stworzylam romantycznego kociego taga, pamietajac o Walentynkach, ktore mielismy w lutym.

You can see other 49 tags of other participants of this project in one place here.

Mozesz zobaczyc pozostale 49 tagi wszystkich uczestniczek tego projectu tutaj.

See you again on 20 March for tag number 3, I can wait to discover the instructions.  This project is fun.

Do zobaczenia 20 marca z nastepnym tagiem numer 3, juz sie nie moge doczekac na nastepne instrukcje.  Swietna zabawa ten projekt tagowy.

16 February 2013

Embroidery sampler

Ages ago I did a class with Ruth Stoneley who sadly passed away in 2007.  She was a talented quilter, wonderful teacher and a remarkable woman.  A few weeks ago I dug up this unfinished sampler and decided to complete it.  Below are the results: