12 April 2010

Art work

Below is the stunning collage on a wooden block made by my friend Gaye as AOTM. It is proudly displayed in my living room. Thank you Gaye.

I have recently been playing with old cutlery and here are some pendants I have made.

This is a small canvas I made from my friend who just turned 30 (the young chick, lol).

I made this little note book for Margaret as AOTM. It is such a nice way to recycle vintage children's books.

Inside I used some recycled paper.

11 April 2010

Polish tragedy

My heart goes to the families of the Polish president and his wife, as well as other 95 Polish people who died in the plane crash on the way to Katyn in Russia. This is a very sad time for all Polish people and I unite in pain with my nation.