17 July 2010

2 pictures ala Kelly Rae

I recently made these 2 pictures based on Kelly Rae's technique from her book Taking Flight. It is my "Fly High" series. Kelly's book is wonderful and full of interesting techniques, highly recommended if you don't already own one.

11 July 2010

Magical Monotypes Workshop

I have recently done a printmaking workshop with Sandra Pearce who is a very talented artist. We had fun printing leaves, grass and some dollies, as you can see from the below photos.

A group photo of workshop participants with their creations, Sandra is the third from the right.


Below are 2 cards made with a technique which I have learnt from my friend Celeste. It involved using water soluble pastels on a shiny photo paper as well as some Tim Holtz's distressed ink.

This was for my sister's birthday, I used her photo when she was a little girl

A card for my Polish aunt

The McGregor Winter School

I just spent 5 wonderful days at the McGregor Winter School in Toowoomba expanding my skills in silversmithing and jewellery making. Maurice Maunsell was our tutor (in a white T-shirt below) and he was very skilled and patient with us too. People in the class were fun and very talented, it was so lovely to see different creations and be exposed to new ideas.

Picture of my class

There are collective creations by the class members

I have learnt how to make some nice copper leaves

These are my silver creations - birdie earrings, zirconia ring and a pendant with a fossilised Indonesian coral.

Learning to Paint

I started learning how to paint on canvas at the Lilly Lee Gallery in Sherwood, just around the corner from my place (how lucky is that!).

These are some fish in acrylics and ink with some gold leafing. It was such fun to create, particularly the very messy and free flowing background. The fish were a little harder to draw but overall I was happy with the final result.

Here is a black and white auto portrait, I got this class as a Christmas present from my friend Ala. It now hangs in our study room and I joke that it is there to watch over Ross when I am not home, he says he feels like "the big brother" is watching, LOL.

Catching up

I haven't been blogging for sooo long, trying to catch up today. Below are some of my latest creations.

Piece of artwork for Marlene's birthday

A quick birthday card for a friend

A little canvas for Amy's 30th birthday, she loved it (who wouldn't want to be a Queen and 30, LOL)

These are 2 pages I made for an Australian-American small group of 6, Page Dwellers. It is such fun project.

Another 2 pages made for the Page Dwellers