10 September 2012


Ross, Beata and I went to Bali for a week and it was a truly magical time.  Bali was so much nicer than what I imagined.  We stayed in Nusa Dua, away from the hassle and bustle from Kuta and other super busy places.  It was also very safe and cheap, and people were super friendly.  I highly recommend Bali as a holiday destination, I certainly will go back.  I uploaded quite a few photos below but it was so hard to choose what to show.

This was the view from the hotel reception

In the hotel's swimming pool

Enjoying dinner and sunset at the beach

Gold fish feeding

A lovely creature which lived in the pond outside our room

Making of a batik print

Some batik samples

Cacao tree 

Vanilla vine
With our tour guide, next to a cinnamon tree
Rice fields

In a monkey forest

Royal palace

Memorial to all the people killed in the Bali
bombing in 2002 in Kuta

60th birthday card

I haven't been making much art while Beata was here but I managed to make this card for my Polish friend Ewa.

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Gold Coast

A week on a Gold Coast was very relaxing.

On the boarder between Queensland and New South Wales

The better state, LOL, sorry Celeste.


Next destination was Melbourne for a few days, we did some sightseeing and some great cloths shopping there.  Food was also great and amazingly cheap, comparing to Brisbane.

It was even snowing there.  Not really, artificial snow in a shopping centre.

Near the Crown Casino

Entry to the Lunapark

Hong Kong

I am back, I haven't been blogging for a while as my sister Beata visited us  from Poland and she stayed here for nearly 2 months.  During this time we did quite a bit of travelling, in fact I met her in Hong Kong on her way here.  The two of us had a ball - we shopped, walked, ate, talked, and shopped and talked ...  Catching up since last year, when we last saw each other, even though we talk on the phone at least a few times a week.  But those who have sisters will understand, lol.

Here are some photos from Honk Kong: