21 December 2013

December Tag - frosty but not Christmasy

This is the last tag in the 2013 tag challenge, I hope there will be Tags 2014 edition as I really enjoyed it this year.  

For December we needed to create a frosty, but not Christmasy tag.  It needed to have a winter theme, any colours but it had to feel cold and frosty.  It was important not to add Christmas elements.  

This task was hard, especially that now in Australia we have summer and it is very, very hot.  Also, I don't have any wintery elements to use but I hope I managed to fulfil the requirements.

To juz ostatni tag w 2013, mam nadzieje ze bedzie 2014 edycja to byla to swietna zabawa i wyzwanie. 

Wytyczne na grudzien byly: "wykonujemy tag bardzo zimowy, mroźny, kolorystyka dowolna.  Zależy mi by było 'czuć' od niego mrozem, zimnem, chłodnym, styczniowym porankiem.  Ważne jest by nie dodawać elementów, które kojarzymy ze  świętami!!!" 

Bylo to trudne dla mnie wyzwanie, szczegolnie ze teraz w Australii jest pelnia lata i jest bardzo, bardzo goraco.  Rowniez nie mam wielu zimowych elementow ale mam nadzieje, ze sprostalam temu zadaniu.

As usual, you can check tags of other participants here or visit my neighours Marysia i Basienka

Jak zwykle, możesz obejrzeć tagi wszystkich innych uczestniczek tutaj lub odwiedzić moje sąsiadki  Marysie i Basienke.

21 November 2013

November tag - 5 x B

This month the instructions were to create a tag which included 5 Bs: a button, a bird, brown, burlap and brads.  It was fun to create and the result is below.

W tym miesiacu mamy literkę B jako: button - guzik, bird - ptak, brown - brąz, burlap – juta i brads - ćwieki.  Tworzenie tego taga bylo fajna zabawa i rezultat jest ponizej.

Bird (ptak)

Brads (cwieki)

Buttons, burlap (I used a jute ribbon)
and brown colour in the background 

Guziki, jutowa wstazka i brazowy 

kolor w tle

As usual, you can check tags of other participants here or visit my neighours Marysia i Basienka

Jak zwykle, możesz obejrzeć tagi wszystkich innych uczestniczek tutaj lub odwiedzić moje sąsiadki  Marysie i Basienke.

17 November 2013

Hong Kong and back home

On the way back home I stopped in my favourite destination - Hong Kong.  I love this city, especially shopping, so I stopover there each time I travel to or from Poland.  Having been to HK at least 7 times, I feel like at home there, lol.

My favourite stationary shop:

It's a heaven:

I had to restrain my shopping:

Cemetery in the centre of HK:

A butcher:

At home I was greeted by these two fairy girls who were very keen to find their presents in the suitcase:

Happy now, the pack is whole again, lol.

ProzART - art retreat in Poland in August 2013

I am still catching up with blogging after my return from Poland at the end of August.  From 15 to 18 August I was able to participate (together with my sister Beata) in ProzART, an art retreat organised by (from the right) Eliza aka Druga Szesnascie, Ewa aka CynkaMarcin and Finn (in the next photo).  Words cannot describe what a fantastic experience that was, I truly had an amazing time and was so glad to meet Polish scrappers, stampers etc, who I only knew from visiting blogs.  It was also great to meet women from Israel, Finland, Romania and Norway.

We arrived with my sister at the Czempin train station, it took us about 7 hours to get there from Olsztyn by two trains:

We then walked to the research centre run by a hunters association and located in a beautiful forest:

At the centre, they breed  endangered spices and care for sick and old animals and birds:

He reminded my of Harry Potter books:


A baby rabbit:

Squirrels are red in Poland and very cute:

Wild pigs:

A hawk:

They train them to fly and return on a command:

In our room we were greeted by a pile of Prima flowers on our beds, what a lovely surprise:

In fact, we received lots of flowers over the weekend, we were served another pile for breakfast:

There were other surprise awaiting us, like bags strung in the dinning room for people to leave messages for other participants, it was fun to create and receive messages at the end of the retreat:

On the first day we had a photo session with Marcin and relaxed for the rest of the day.

We explored Czempin and found a lovely little coffee shop:

On Friday we had a free day but enjoyed a tour around the research centre facilitated by a wonderful Mr Henryk:

On Saturday I was more than ready to start creating:

The first class was with Karola and we created a shabby chick style scrap layout with a picture taken by Marcin two days before: 

 Next class was with Finn:

This is what I created:

At night we had a group competition to create a canvas with a quote which we drew from a pile of quotes.  We only had half an hour to complete the canvas.

The quote means: dreams versus reality.  This is what we came up with and ...

... drum roll - we came second!


At night, we had a bone fire with sausages:

Mr Henryk attempted to show us to play the French horn:

On Sunday, we had a class with Kasia Krzyminska aka Czekoczyna.  This was my favourite class.

This is my creation:

I finally met Guriana who I "met" through blogging and our international art exchange:

I also got to meet Miszelka (on the right) after admiring her blog for some time.  Agnieszka Barska (on the left and below) was not known to me before but she is a fantastic person, full of fun and wisdom.



Sadly, we had to wave good-bye on Sunday and we all headed home.