25 November 2012

Two encaustic pictures

Those two encaustic pictures were made during some play time with my friend Celeste.  Celeste is so good with encaustics so it was good to learn some tricks of the trade from her.

Birthday art

Yesterday we celebrated Judy (on the left) and Marilena's (on the right) belated birthdays.  It was loads of fun, as usual and we even managed to have some art demos.

I made this bag for Judy

This bag was gifted to Marilena

I made this small encaustic picture for Marilena

This one was for Judy

The Language of Nature exhibition

Tricia Smout has been an Artist in Residence at Brisbane Botanic Gardens at Mt-Cootha and at the end of her residency was celebrated by the beautiful exhibition titled the Language of Nature.

Our little group of Paper Princesses was asked to participate in the exhibition and we came up with the idea of treating nature tags.

I created four tags for the tree:

These were the backs of my tags

Outside a number of woven spider webs could be found, it was lots of fun spotting them.

There were lots of other treasures there, too much to show it all here.  I loved the exhibition, well done Tricia, it was very well presented and such high quality of unusual art pieces.

Life picture

I bought those lovely ceramic letters a while ago but they didn't look good on our pale walls so I decided to create a darker background for them.  I used one of the old picture frames I had for this purpose.  I painted the background and secured the letters with some wire.  I was quite happy with the final effect.

The close up of the background

40th BD card for Ann's daughter

A daughter of my friend Ann is turning 40 in December so for Ann's birthday in November I made this card as part of her present. Ann was thrilled which was nice to see. 

This was some quick packaging
of the presents. 

05 November 2012

Blown alcohol ink backgrounds

I cannot remember where I have seen this technique so i can't credit it appropriately.  It has been created on a glossy card stock with alcohol inks and a can of air which saved my lungs, as previously I have done the same thing by blowing through a straw which was hard work.  I then over stamped the background.  You can also do this on a sheet of acetate for a transparent background. 

Backgrounds from scrap papers

I have been using scraps to make A4 background papers.  It is very therapeutic and helps to get rid of all theses scraps I have been obsessively collecting.

This A4 has already been cut into 4 card size pieces

Spray paint and stencil backgrounds

I have been playing with spray paint and stencils, below are some of the backgrounds came as a result.  They most likely will be used to create some cards or journal pages.

Backgrounds with oil pastels

I finally gave this cool technique a go using Portfolio oil pastels which are so yummy and great to work with.  I learnt the technique from the PaperArtsy blog.  My next step soon will be to use the oil pastels to colour stamped images.  The tags are yet to be decorated.