24 March 2013

Picture for Barb

The Australian Art Sisters group had a one on one swap and I made this picture for Barb (http://somethingztocrowabout.blogspot.com.au/). The main picture was designed by my friend Celeste but I added some more elements to it.

This is the back of the picture:

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Finn inspired art

Following the workshop with Finn, I decided to practice what I learnt so that I don't forget the newly learnt techniques. Below is a small 6.5 x 6.5 inch piece I made.

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21 March 2013

Tag number 3

In March we had the following rules:

"You can make a tag on any subject, of any colour and shape, but ... it must contain dots on three different materials for example dots on a ribbon, on paper, on a flower, embossed dots, stamp with a dot pattern and so on.  But this is not all! - you have to make a package for it.  It must be a set: tag with dots and its package!  It can be a box, an envelope etc.  On the package there must also be dots, but it can be only one type of dots from the tag.  So in March polka dots rule!

W marcu byly nastepujace reguly:

Należy wykonać dowolny tag, w dowolnym temacie, w dowolnych kolorze, kształcie, ale... 
muszą się znaleźć na nim kropki i to na 3 różnych materiałach np.  kropki na wstążce, na papierze, na kwiatku, embossingowany wzór w kropki, stempelek ze wzorem w kropki itp.  Ale to nie koniec! – trzeba jeszcze do naszego taga wykonać opakowanie. By powstał komplecik: tag w kropki i jego ubranko! Może to być pudełko, koperta itp.  Na opakowaniu również muszą być kropki, ale wystarczy tylko jeden wzór z taga.  Czyli w marcu na naszych tagach – polka dots –rządzi.

This is my tag - I used dotted flowers, dotted ribbon and made some dotted paper myself with some texture paste and a stencil.  

To jest moj tag - uzylam kropkowane kwiaty, kropkowana wstazke i kropkowany papier, ktory zrobilam sama.

And here is the envelope which houses the tag, as per instructions I used one dotted element from the tag being the ribbon.

A tutaj jest koperta na taga, wedlug wymogow.  Uzylam jeden kropkowany element z taga - wstazke.

As usual, I invite you here to view creations of other participants and their polka dotted tags.

Jak zwykle zapraszam tutaj do obejrzenia kropkowanych tagow zrobionych przez uczestniczki tego projektu.

See you again in April for tag number 4.

Do zobaczenia w kwietniu na obejrzenie taga numer 4.

20 March 2013

Class Tea for Two with Finnabair

I was fortunate to take part in a class with Finn who was in Brisbane on her 2013 Australia and NZ tour.  Mandy from Scrap Cottage organised the Brisbane classes and it was well run.  I did only one class which I regret as it was fantastic and I should have done a few more.  Finn is a fantastic and talented teacher and her style is very unique.  She is also Polish so it was nice talking with her in my native language.  

I have learnt so many new techniques which I will be able to use in various projects.  We received an extremely generous kit of materials - I have stuff left for at least 2 - 3 projects.  What a great value for money.  The pace of the class was fast, we worked non-stop during four hours but it was worth it.

This is my creation, I used a wedding photo of my parents:

 This is what Finn created in the class when she was demonstrating:

Finn and I:

18 March 2013

Handmade birthday presents

On Saturday we celebrated three birthdays of Paper Princesses including Princess Gaye, Princess Celeste and Princess Margaret. As usual, the day was full of laughter, fun, food, chatter, presents, exchanging ideas and most importantly friendships.

This bag was for Celeste. It is made out of an old coffee hessian bag. I spray painted it myself:

This bag was made for Margaret from the same coffee bag:

I managed to buy these cute metal tags on eBay which I had sewn onto the from of each bag:

Both bags have a pocket with velcro closing inside and a magnetic closing:

This is an iPad cover I made for Gaye. I used a drop sheet I use when spraying and stencilling paper. I also stamped the fabric:

Velcro closing:

The back of the iPad cover:

I also made this leather cuff for Gaye. It was a challenge as sewing leather on a sewing machine is not that easy, parts of it had to be hand sewn.

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