29 December 2012

Crochet curtains

It took me over two years to crochet two curtains for my sister, below are the results:

A close-up:

Christmas wrapping

More cards

I made this card for our friends Brian and Linda who invited us to their 100th birthday party - they both just turned 50.  Below is the envelope I made for the card.


Get Well card for Kurt, who had an operation:

Some more cards:

Christmas card for Celeste:

This card was designed by Celeste and I reproduced it when I visited her back in September:

Private swap with Jyoti

A while ago I proposed a private swap to Asia aka Jyoti from Poland, after seeing a post about a similar swap on her blog.  We agreed to make a postcard for each other with sewing elements and 'words'.  I received this beautiful postcard from Asia, the wording translated loosely from Polish means: You must allow yourself to create, to have open eyes to the inner beauty of creation because it is a strong power of fulfilment.

I also received this beautiful card with the postcard:

This is the front of my card with the words meaning: For a good beginning we easily find pleasure at a place where the sun is shining.  

The back says: We are building a new life, sweet, fascinating, full of joy, spontaneous, non-stereotypical.

I managed to find the various words in a Polish magazine which I unexpectedly had stacked in my closet.  

This was a fun swap, I enjoyed creating and receiving the stunning postcard from Asia, even though I had to wait for it for two months, courtesy of the Polish Post sending it across the ocean via a boat, despite Asia paying for airmail!  But it was worth the wait.   You can read all about it in Polish on Asia's blog here.  Thank you Asia for swapping with me.

25 November 2012

Two encaustic pictures

Those two encaustic pictures were made during some play time with my friend Celeste.  Celeste is so good with encaustics so it was good to learn some tricks of the trade from her.

Birthday art

Yesterday we celebrated Judy (on the left) and Marilena's (on the right) belated birthdays.  It was loads of fun, as usual and we even managed to have some art demos.

I made this bag for Judy

This bag was gifted to Marilena

I made this small encaustic picture for Marilena

This one was for Judy

The Language of Nature exhibition

Tricia Smout has been an Artist in Residence at Brisbane Botanic Gardens at Mt-Cootha and at the end of her residency was celebrated by the beautiful exhibition titled the Language of Nature.

Our little group of Paper Princesses was asked to participate in the exhibition and we came up with the idea of treating nature tags.

I created four tags for the tree:

These were the backs of my tags

Outside a number of woven spider webs could be found, it was lots of fun spotting them.

There were lots of other treasures there, too much to show it all here.  I loved the exhibition, well done Tricia, it was very well presented and such high quality of unusual art pieces.