27 November 2009

12 days of Christmas

This year I am again taking part in this fun swap organised through one of the Aussie online groups. My 12 days of Christmas pressies have been packed up and posted. It will be fun to be opening a pressie a day leading up to Christmas. Last year, being overseas, I got to open them all at once in the New Year.

Received my first Christmas card

This is the wonderful Christmas card I received from the Paper Princess Celeste, she was super organised and I don't know how she managed all her chores before heading off for a wonderful trip to Italy for 6 weeks, lucky thing. Thank you Celeste.

Wooden block for Marilena

I made this little wooden block for a present for Marilena's birthday. It has little "feet" made out of wooden beads. I also used an antique key hole from my stash.

More cards

I have been making more cards, some personalised, as Christmas presents for family and friends. I am using a lot of supplies from my stash which is a good feeling, lol.

10 November 2009

AOTM for Julie H.

This month only Julie and I wanted to participate in the Art of the Month exchange on our little internet based art group so we are making things for each other.

I made a recycled journal for Julie, I got this idea from attending the recent Finders and Keepers Market day in Brisbane. I used the covers from a children's story book and incorporated some of the drawings from the book into the journal. It was fun to create and I hope Julie likes it when it gets to her in WA.

08 November 2009

Birthday Art

These are two creations I recently made for two Paper Princesses - Marlene and Judy.

This one was for Judy and I used the personal images Judy gave to all Paper Princesses to include in her birthday art. The top photo is the house of Judy's grandfather and the bottom photo is of Judy at the age of 2 with her father. Judy was very touched by her birthday creations, mine was one of six by the Paper Princesses.

This one was for Marlene, created back in July.

04 November 2009

Personalised cards

I haven't been actively blogging since getting back from my holidays at the beginning of September, I will try to improve on this soon.

Here is the card I made for my father-in-law in his 80th birthday, the photo is of him when he was a little boy.

The next card was made for:
for their wedding day.