10 November 2009

AOTM for Julie H.

This month only Julie and I wanted to participate in the Art of the Month exchange on our little internet based art group so we are making things for each other.

I made a recycled journal for Julie, I got this idea from attending the recent Finders and Keepers Market day in Brisbane. I used the covers from a children's story book and incorporated some of the drawings from the book into the journal. It was fun to create and I hope Julie likes it when it gets to her in WA.


  1. I was wondering what you created! This looks great - I wish I had seen it before it got posted off!!

  2. Cool idea Kasha. I bought a a diary version of these books at Finders Keepers. Lucky Julie to have one specially made for her.

  3. Oh Kasha, this is wonderful - what a great idea! Love the illustrations.

  4. A beautiful journal and wonderful idea. The images are truly wonderful.

  5. Like it... I love it! You are such a talented gal Kasha. Those pages you included inside are fabulous.
    Thanks for sharing the pics with us.

    Jacky xox