08 November 2009

Birthday Art

These are two creations I recently made for two Paper Princesses - Marlene and Judy.

This one was for Judy and I used the personal images Judy gave to all Paper Princesses to include in her birthday art. The top photo is the house of Judy's grandfather and the bottom photo is of Judy at the age of 2 with her father. Judy was very touched by her birthday creations, mine was one of six by the Paper Princesses.

This one was for Marlene, created back in July.


  1. These are wonderful Kasha and even better up close and personal.

  2. Kasha, these are beautiful gifts and I'm sure they will be treasured. Can you tell me where you got the rusty vine on Marlene's artwork, it's gorgeous and I've been looking for it in the states, but haven't been able to get it. Here's my email dianao@ozemail.com.au.