27 November 2009

12 days of Christmas

This year I am again taking part in this fun swap organised through one of the Aussie online groups. My 12 days of Christmas pressies have been packed up and posted. It will be fun to be opening a pressie a day leading up to Christmas. Last year, being overseas, I got to open them all at once in the New Year.


  1. Your packages look absolutely beautiful Kasha. I ran out of time, so my packaging is quite simple in comparison.

  2. Ditto.... they look even better in real life too.
    Kasha the wrapping will look gorgeous in everyones art or journals. Love those colourful wings.
    So glad you will be home this year to share the excitement of opening one each day...I know last year it was the first thing I did each morning when I got up...like Christmas every day for those 12 days.

    Sending Christmas Cheer,

    Jacky xox

  3. oooh these look loooovely and look forward to opening mine on my return. Having a great time in Italy. Florence is a little wet today. Glad you liked my quickie Christmas card. Hugs, Celeste. Internet is so slow so doubt I will be on again before returning home. xx