25 August 2009

Art Journaling Online Workshops with Julie Prichard

Julie has 2 new classes coming up, they look great. You can check them out on her blog.

11 August 2009


I had this photo on my blog in December and Debbi asked about the nest in the background, on the top of the building.
Here is the same building at this time of the year with some storks who returned from Africa to breed in Poland. Shortly they will return with their young ones to Africa for winter and will return again in spring to breed again.

Close up

Art "class"

My sister's friends wanted me to teach them some new techniques. I chose one of the techniques by Kelly Rae Roberts from her book "Taking Flight". We had lots of fun and the girls enjoyed learning something new.

"class" participants

End results

Primary school reunion

While in Poland I was lucky to attend a primary school reunion, there were not too many of us who attended but it was nice to catch up with people from my childhood with whom I spent 8 years from the age of 7 till 15. It was fun to exchange stories we remembered and to laugh about many situations from the past. Our teacher also attended which was great. Most of us have not seen each other for the past 28 years, after we finished the primary school.
This was our class in 1978

Some of us now with our teacher in the middle
Two of my friends, one is a policeman in Chicago (left) , the other one (right) is a talented dancer who now teachers others how to dance

My two girlfriends from school, we share many memories together

Holidaying in Poland

I arrived here at the end of July, in the middle of summer. Luckily the weather has been good - warm but not too hot - which allows me to do things and to really have a good time.

Walking in the old town in Olsztyn, my home town

Another old building

Having a rest in nature

Big bone fire we had one night with some friends

My friend caught this fish especially for me, it didn't take him long. He then cooked it and it was delicious!

My sister with a grand-daughter of our friend

My uncle collected these mushrooms for me in the forest, such mushrooms are delicious either stewed or marinated in vinegar, yum.

I also collected some mushrooms, not as many as my uncle though

My sister with my parents

My sister and I swimming in the lake which is very relaxing and much easier than ocean swimming

My parents and I

My gorgeous nephew Kuba, the photo taken by himself, I don't have many photos with him as being 18 1/2 he doesn't want to spend much time with his family. He currently is sailing the lakes with his friends.

My Birthday Art from Paper Princesses

I am behind with blogging as my birthday was on 17 July, a day before I left for Poland, where I am currently. I was lucky to receive gorgeous birthday art from Paper Princesses and it was "made to order" as I gave them wooden blocks and "requested" the theme of "Magical Trees" in black, white and red colours which are just right for our main bedroom. Below you can see the beautiful results.

All art pieces displayed on a shelf above our bed
By Judy

By Marilena

By Gaye

By Margaret

By Marlene