11 August 2009

Holidaying in Poland

I arrived here at the end of July, in the middle of summer. Luckily the weather has been good - warm but not too hot - which allows me to do things and to really have a good time.

Walking in the old town in Olsztyn, my home town

Another old building

Having a rest in nature

Big bone fire we had one night with some friends

My friend caught this fish especially for me, it didn't take him long. He then cooked it and it was delicious!

My sister with a grand-daughter of our friend

My uncle collected these mushrooms for me in the forest, such mushrooms are delicious either stewed or marinated in vinegar, yum.

I also collected some mushrooms, not as many as my uncle though

My sister with my parents

My sister and I swimming in the lake which is very relaxing and much easier than ocean swimming

My parents and I

My gorgeous nephew Kuba, the photo taken by himself, I don't have many photos with him as being 18 1/2 he doesn't want to spend much time with his family. He currently is sailing the lakes with his friends.

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  1. Olsztyn looks so beautiful Kasha. You are obviously having a lovely and restful break over with your family judging by the photos of you either in the pool, sleeping on the ground or eating! My kind of holiday.