29 December 2012

Private swap with Jyoti

A while ago I proposed a private swap to Asia aka Jyoti from Poland, after seeing a post about a similar swap on her blog.  We agreed to make a postcard for each other with sewing elements and 'words'.  I received this beautiful postcard from Asia, the wording translated loosely from Polish means: You must allow yourself to create, to have open eyes to the inner beauty of creation because it is a strong power of fulfilment.

I also received this beautiful card with the postcard:

This is the front of my card with the words meaning: For a good beginning we easily find pleasure at a place where the sun is shining.  

The back says: We are building a new life, sweet, fascinating, full of joy, spontaneous, non-stereotypical.

I managed to find the various words in a Polish magazine which I unexpectedly had stacked in my closet.  

This was a fun swap, I enjoyed creating and receiving the stunning postcard from Asia, even though I had to wait for it for two months, courtesy of the Polish Post sending it across the ocean via a boat, despite Asia paying for airmail!  But it was worth the wait.   You can read all about it in Polish on Asia's blog here.  Thank you Asia for swapping with me.


  1. Fajna wymiana, wrto było tyle czekać

  2. siostra się czepia,wyzywa mnie od głupiej Geni wiadomo, że wrto- miało być warto

  3. jak to kto, ja Twoja siostra!!!!!

  4. OOoo, widzę, że też już zamieściłaś pocztówki! Dzięki serdeczne za wymiankę i pozdrawiam ciepło:D