17 November 2013

Hong Kong and back home

On the way back home I stopped in my favourite destination - Hong Kong.  I love this city, especially shopping, so I stopover there each time I travel to or from Poland.  Having been to HK at least 7 times, I feel like at home there, lol.

My favourite stationary shop:

It's a heaven:

I had to restrain my shopping:

Cemetery in the centre of HK:

A butcher:

At home I was greeted by these two fairy girls who were very keen to find their presents in the suitcase:

Happy now, the pack is whole again, lol.


  1. Najpierw w raju w sklepach, potem w piekle na lotnisku, bo bagażu za dużo!!!!!!

  2. Piękne zdjęcia :) Zazdroszczę (pozytywnie) Twojego wyjazdu do Hong Kongu. No i ten sklep z cudami :)))