26 November 2008

Surprise trip back home for Christmas

I am getting pretty excited about my upcoming trip back to Poland for Christmas and it is even more exciting given that my parents don't have a clue that I am coming! My sister and my nephew have been plotting together with me to plan this and we all can't wait to see my parents' faces when I turn up at their place on 4 December. I will let you know how this goes, some people have asked me if my parents have strong hearts and I think they do so hopefully there won't be any heart attacks (lol).
Well, my sister tells me that it has been snowing already and here is a picture taken by my nephew a couple days ago from the windows of their place. It will be a bit of a shock to my body to go from around +30C in the sunny Queensland to around -5C or less within a couple of days. I hope I can cope with that.
Below are some photos of my home city in summer. I come from Olsztyn, which is located in the north east of Poland, not far from the Russian border. The region is well known for its beautiful lakes and forests which surround the city.

This is a statue of Nicolas Copernicus who lived in our city for many years.


  1. Your home town is so beautiful Kasha. You must be getting so excited to be going home for a White Christmas !!!

    Thanks for sharing the pics. of your hometown in summer too...you would never know they were the same town. The covering of snow hides so much.

    Love the statue of Copernicus too.

    Have a very special Christmas with your family Kasha and look forward to pics. when you get back.

    Sending lots of Christmas Cheer your way... Jacky xox

  2. The whole area looks so beautiful. Thanks for sharing these pics and hope to see more soon.