27 December 2008

Walk through Olsztyn

The other day there was a nice sunny weather so I went for a walk through my home town. Below are some photos I took during my walk.
This building is in a very characteristic Prussian style, this part of Poland used to be Prussia in the old days.
View of the old town.

This is the old and historic Town Hall.

Decorations on a building in old town.

A small river Łyna flows through Olsztyn

The entrance to the old Town Hall.

Old Town again, the castle in the background.

A real Christmas tree in the Old Town.

In this church Ross and I got married nearly 17 years ago on 4 January 1992


  1. so beautiful kasha, im really enjoying seeing poland :)) happy anniversary to you and ross!!!! xx

  2. Happy wedding anniversary Kasha !
    Love Mum and Dad