10 May 2009

AOTM from Debbi

I was the very lucky recipient of this gorgeous Quilted Hanger from Debbi Baker as part of the Art of the Month exchange on our little group "Art Sisters". It is A4 size and absolutely stunning, thank you Debbi.


  1. Lovely piece of art from the equally lovely Deb Baker! Also like the pendant in the post below very much...cool use of a hinge!

    Weren't those dichroic pendants just beautiful!!! Did you buy a tree one? I loved them!

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  3. Hi,
    Just love this piece from Debbi, so beautiful, I love Debbi's work it is always so gracefully done, and I loved your necklace art peice, the hinges and the beading, so lovely...I love getting a cuppa and blog watching, esp all my Australian frineds, and now yours is added to my list!...Thank you for sharing your lovely art and family pics with us..xx