23 October 2010

Art received

I got this little fabric collage from Karin as Art of the Month (AOTM) a while ago but finally I put it onto a canvas so that I could hang it on the wall. I loved Karin's creation so much that had to come up with something to be able to hang it.
This gorgeous vintage tree piece is from Ness Henry as another AOTM. I love it.

This bird canvas is from Paper Princess Margaret and I received it for my birthday.

This lovely AOTM piece is from my "drinking buddy" Debbie Baker . It is gorgeous and it is already on my wall.

This gorgeous piece is from the Paper Princess Marlene and it was my birthday gift. I looove it so much and it is on the same wall as the above piece.


  1. Such wonderful gifts...what talented art buddies you have...such treasures to admire you lucky girl
    Dawnie T

  2. Wow Kasha, you have received some lovely art recently from so many creative people. Your walls look amazing.