10 February 2010

AOTM for Gaye

This month I was to create an Art of the Month piece for Gaye through our little group Australian Art Sisters. I made her this small picture out of a photo frame (picked up at a second hand shop), put some rub-ons on the outside of the silver border and also on the glass (between the wood and metal) which can't be seen in this picture. The picture was done using a metal embossing stencil and brown ink, the girl and the butterflies were collaged. It was all finished with a silver chain with leaf beads and some metal embellishments attached to the frame.

My recent cards

I haven't been creating much lately - it has been busy with a new job, private contracts and some overseas visitors. However, my New Year's resolution is to keep making cards when I can which is a nice way to build up a stash to be used later, when you need them. Below are some of the creations. I have been experimenting with embossing with metal stencils and ink (2 last cards) and also with nestabilities die cuts (1st card).

My sister starts creating

My sister Beata who lives in Poland caught the creation bug and she started making her own cards. It must be contagious (lol). Here are some of her recent creations for Valentine's Day.

Precious Little - McGregor Summer School

Wow, I don't even know where to start. I was so fortunate to take the class with the fantastically talented Keith Lo Bue at the McGregor Summer School in Toowoomba and I met such wonderful and talented people who made the whole experience just magical. We all had such a fantastic time and learnt so much, it was so, so hard to say good bye and part after 10 days of this experience. If you ever get a chance to do a class with Keith, don't even think about it and jump at the opportunity. Also, I highly recommend his DVD "Within and Without" - after you see this you will be even more motivated to meet this wonderful artist and to do a workshop with him. You can order the DVD here.

Me with Keith

Keith using his beloved Fifi (a gorgeous vintage watchmakers hammer) and he has to speak to her in French to keep her happy.... lol.

Keith demonstrates and explains

A very technical piece by Owen, the engineer

Lovely wire work by Estelle

Estelle's family represented in this wire necklace

Necklace on the stand by Rod

Necklace by Warren

Elegant piece by Catrin

Billy's eye by Hildy

Wiggling worm by Andrew

Andrew explains his creation

Rod talks about his art piece

Work space

Andrew, a very talented artist from Toowoomba, organised an old piano for us which we jointly took apart one night and then shared the pieces of various piano parts. The story even made to the local newspaper.

Owen and Warren working out how to take the piano apart

Some piano pieces

Keith is ready to "destroy" so we can create

We had lots of fun in the process

Warren with some piano wire - very valuable for us "junkies"

The girls did lighter work

Concentrating hard

Lovely Helen showing off her creation

Andrew with his creations

Display of our work at the school exhibition on the last day

Rhonda's little bird

Necklace from piano pieces by Owen, he was challenged by Keith to create something not mechanical and he has done very well, this necklace is stunning when worn by Helen, Owen's wife

Necklace by Helen made from little medical bottles, wire and clock pieces

Another necklace by Helen from natural materials

Two guys in hats

Precious little workers preparing a sign for the exhibition

With gorgeous Liddy

With Rod

With Lynn

With Estelle and Warren

With Andrew, Owen and Helen

With Catrin, Hildy and Sue

With Rhonda

We created this "card" for Keith

Keith guessing who created which piece on the card

My authobiographical picture

Close up with the open door of the little house

Necklaces and rings created by me

I was so fortunate to be staying with my friends Judy and Kurt who live in Toowoomba (pictured above with Keith and I). Judy and Kurt spoilt me and my stay with them was unforgetable, they are wonderful hosts.

Kurt took a watercolour class at the McGregor school, he is pictured above with some of his creations.