02 April 2011

Plant-Dyeing Workshop with Anne Leon

Last weekend I did a two day plant-dyeing workshop with the very talented textile artist Anne Leon who travelled to the Qld Spinners and Weavers from Byron Bay. I had two wonderful days full of discovery and surprises. We used eucalyptus, lemon myrtle, brown and red onion skins, purple cabbage and cinerea which gave us wonderful and unexpected colours. What fun and I think now I am addicted, LOL.

Me (in grubby and stained cloths) with Anne: Our cook up and unwrapping area:

Some lovely results of workshop participants drying on the line:

These are my creations on silk:

These were experimental pieces on cotton which does not take the colour as well as silk:


  1. Wow - great results and it looks as though you had a lot of fun Kasha!

  2. Wow, these look fantastic Kasha. I must see up close real soon.
    Love your new photo of your family on your blog too.

  3. fabulous results Kasha, when are you going to do a class?