27 December 2011

Beautiful and special Christmas presents

I received this beautiful canvas with painted poppies as my Christmas present from my friends Ala and Lloyd and their children Martyna, Karolina and our God son Max. The canvas was painted by Martyna who is nearly 15 years old. It is absolutely stunning in every aspect - the colours, composition and attention to details.

This little Christmas stocking was hand stitched for us by our God son Max who is 5 years old. A very special gift indeed.

Thank you very much to Martyna and Max and their family.


  1. Ładnie Martyna maluje, a skarpeta od Maksa słodka.

  2. They are very clever. Love the poppies. She will be quite the artist someday soon.

  3. I love both items Kasha, but adore those poppies they are nice and fresh and make a loveley scene of flowers.