05 February 2012

Art received

I received this card from my sister Beata for my Name Day in November. It is beautiful and my sister amazes me with what she creates, especially that she only started paper art a year ago or so.

The card came in this lovely envelope:

I received this card from Paper Princess Judy for the New Year but as you will see, it is about the Chinese New Year. How clever is that. The card is stunning, much nicer in real life. Judy made her own background which is quite sparkly.

Card front:

First opening:

Full opening:

Back fully open:

I received this Christmas card from my Polish friend Marysia:

This lovely Valentine's card also came from Marysia, what a nice surprise, especially that she enclosed some lovely vintage paper dollies for me:

This beautiful Christmas card came from Celeste:

This amazing easel card came from another Polish friend Beata:

Standing up:

A colleague from work, Alison, has made this card for me. Amazingly she put white and red ribbon on it without knowing that it is the Polish flag, very special indeed:


  1. Już zapomniałam, że taką kartkę zrobiłam, na twoim blogu nawet ładnie wygląda.

  2. You have been spoilt lately. Love the card and envelope Beata made. Wow, she is so good in such a short time. You are obviously a great influence on her. Judy's card is amazing as her work always is also.