10 June 2012

Screenprinting workshop

Last weekend I have undertaken a screenprinting workshop with Nancy Brown at the Brisbane Institute of Art.  It was very informative and lots of fun, and I ended up with many fabric pieces which I can use in my art. Here are the results:

This was done with a linocut which was repeated 

all over the piece

Same linocut as above but stamped in red ink

This was my very first attempt with screenprinting and cut out shapes

Linocut print

Linocut print

Screenprinting with a photo emulsion technique 

with my doodles which I sketched on paper

The same screenprint as above but with black ink

Another simple screenprint with cut out shapes

Photo emulsion technique, screen done by 

another class participant which I used on my fabric


  1. Ale fajne, to już coś więcej niż kartki, a zaczynałaś od kartek z balonikami!!!!

  2. U mnie czyste niebo, bardzo ciepło wreszcie lepiej niż u Ciebie!! Nie to, żebym Ci zazdrościła!!!!!