10 May 2013

International page exchange

This year I am a part of a small international group which we called Pastiche Pages.  It consists of four Aussie girls: Margaret Cullen-Erickson, Gaye Todd, Celeste Santin and me.  We invited one person from US - Audrey Hernandez and one from Poland - Guriana.  We create a postcard size page once every 2 months and each time one person chooses specific guidelines as to what needs to be included on the page.  Below are pages which were created in the past four months, they are all fantastic and look even better up close.

Pages by Audrey 

Pages by Margaret

Pages by Celeste

Pages by Gaye

Pages by Guriana

Pages by me


  1. wreszcie się doczekałam, że pokazujesz, bardzo ładne trudno zdecydować czyje najładniejsze, drugim razem szybciej "wrzucaj" na bloga GG

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  3. Nie wiem czemu mój post dwa razy się pojawił, pewno, blogger się zachwycił moim komentarzem