21 May 2013

Tags number 5 - triptych

This month the instructions were to make a triptych based on three colours - white, beige and brown with 3 tags having a connection with each other.  


Vist the gallery to see what other participants created.

Odwiedz galerie, zeby zobaczyc prace pozostalych uczestnikow tej zabawy.

10 May 2013

Mother's Day card

Mother's Day in Poland is celebrated always on 26 May but in Australia it will be on this Sunday.  I made this card for Ross's Mum.

Dina Wakley style creations

Gaye, Margaret and I have been meeting once a month for creative play.  Each time we try to do a small project and recently we made these creations based on Diana Wakley's book which is wonderful and absolutely worthwhile buying.  I actually bought mine as a Kindle edition which I enjoy (it also saved me the postage cost).

International page exchange

This year I am a part of a small international group which we called Pastiche Pages.  It consists of four Aussie girls: Margaret Cullen-Erickson, Gaye Todd, Celeste Santin and me.  We invited one person from US - Audrey Hernandez and one from Poland - Guriana.  We create a postcard size page once every 2 months and each time one person chooses specific guidelines as to what needs to be included on the page.  Below are pages which were created in the past four months, they are all fantastic and look even better up close.

Pages by Audrey 

Pages by Margaret

Pages by Celeste

Pages by Gaye

Pages by Guriana

Pages by me

Birthday workshop for Martyna and Karolina

I have been asked again by my friend Ala to conduct a birthday workshop for Martyna and Karolina and their friends.  They requested "a bird picture" and below is what I designed for the workshop:

Below are two photos of the girls creating:

Final picture with all participants, from the left Martyna, Karolina, Laura, Isabella and me.  Below is Max, our Godson, who made another picture, which I prepared for him, under his Mum's supervision.

It was a great workshop, the girls were fun and very creative.  Well done!