04 April 2014

ATC exchange

Our small international swap group has changed this year, Guriana from Poland has left us but we were joined by Debbie from US.  This year we make a set of three ATCs for one person at a time and we need to make a holder for the ATCs.  Each time we have a theme selected by one person, everyone will select a theme once.  This month the theme was selected by Celeste and it was "Wings".  My partner this month was Margaret and below are my creations for her.

Front of the holder:

Back of the holder:

Open holder:

Half open holder:

ATC one:

ATC two:

ATC three:

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  1. Bardzo ładne już myślałam, że zapomniałaś o swoim blogu GG, a Ty wrzucasz hurtem trzy posty!!!!!!