15 July 2008

Collaborative book project

Last year I was part of a collaborative book project with four of my friends - Jane Norrish, Louise Magetti, Vanessa Henry and Ellie Philpott. We all picked our own themes and exchanged the books every month. For every book page I made I used the technique from one of the Sommerset Studios magazines with masking tape and glossy magazine pages - painted over with golden paints. I also added my own touch of texture paste and on some I used stencils. These were fun projects and I really enjoyed working on everyone's book.
These pages were for Ellie who chose "Vintage Children" as her theme.

You can see here the background with texture paste put over a stencil and then some Treasure Gold rubbed over the top of it.

These were the pages with the above background and they were done for Louise who chose "Christmas" as her theme - these were the most challenging pages for me as I don't do much Christmas art. I enjoyed using my Cricut for the lettering and also other touches on the page.

These pages were done for Ness who chose "Wings" as her theme - it had to be birds for me but funnily enough it was still a challenge as it came down to not being able to decide which bird images (of thousands I have) I should use (lol).

For those who know Jane won't be surprised that her theme was "Wanton Women", I didn't really know what to do for this page but I managed to find this little poem on the net and I thought it was appropriate to use.

My own book was on "Paris" but I need to scan all the pages so perhaps I can do it in my next post.

My sister has been here for the last week and we are having such fun. Sadly I have to go to work every day but from next week I am on 2 weeks holidays. On Sunday we are off to Cairns for a week and the following week we will spend on the Gold Coast.


  1. Beautiful pages Kasha... love those birdie ones!!!
    Have a great time with your sister. Lucky girls off to Cairns and the Gold Coast. ENJOY!

  2. lovely work Kasha - the 'childhood message' is just what I need today! Thanx
    x hugs Keron

  3. Wonderful pages! I love altered books.