26 January 2009

Finishing an UFO

UFOs in the world of quilting and patchwork are all unfinished projects which are stuck in cupboards waiting to be finished one day but generally forgotten. I have to confess that I have many UFOs therefore I was glad when my fortnightly patchwork group decided for everyone to nominate one UFO to be finished in 2009. The above photo is of my nominated UFO - a king size red and beige quilt with embroidered squares which I started making in 2001 and quite didn't have the oomph to put all the little squares together even though they nearly all of them are already embroidered.


  1. Good for you! What a gorgeous quilt - I'm working on plenty of UFO's myself, including a sampler quilt started last year that is now this year's sampler quilt project :)

  2. Ah yes. The dreaded UFOs. I have so many still myself! Great choice to take on this quilt. The embroidery is gorgeous! Can't wait to see it finished! I just noticed you added me to your blogroll. Thanks so much. It helped me find you and for that I'm glad.

  3. I confess to having a cupboard full of UFO's also!
    I used to quilt before the days of paper art, I'm saving them for my retirement..lol!

    love your quilt Kasha,It will be such a Treasure :)