24 January 2009

Lucky stop over in Singapore and back home now

I left Poland on 7 January and even though it was hard to say good-bye to my family, I wasn't too sorry to be leaving behind temperatures of -22C which, believe me, was a bit too much- even for the locals it was too much. What a change it was to arrive in Singapore for 1 night stop over to temperature around +30C which was nice - after the extreme cold I promised myself never to whinge about the hot weather.
After the night in Singapore I arrived in the airport around 8 am to find out that the flight was overbooked and they were looking for volunteers to go on later flights and I was also approached. Initially I said "no" but became more interested when the woman said I would be paid $500 in compensation and be put in a hotel with all meals provided so of course I said "yes". And what a treat it was - the hotel I stayed in was Crowne Plaza at the airport which is a very posh hotel, had 3 meals provided in an equally posh restaurant and had a 5 min. call paid back home. But wait, there is more, when I flew 14 hours later, I was travelling in business class which was an absolute treat - I wish I could afford to travel like this each time.

View of the swimming pool

View from my hotel room

Inside the room

I liked these flowers on the glass, looking into the bathroom


  1. how cool are those flowers on the glass?? WOW xx

  2. The delay in your return was certainly worth it and a nice treat coming back business class.