21 August 2011

My birthday continues

This year I am so lucky to be celebrating my birthday many times. The real birthday I spent with my family (close and extended) and friends in Poland and now I am catching up with my Australian friends. A week ago we had the Paper Princesses get together to celebrate Marlene's birthday back from June and mine. It was such a lovely day full of chatter, great food, show and tell and some demos - what else can you wish for. And to top that, I got fantastic pressies and fabulous art from the PPs.

These are my presents:
Card from Judy:
Gorgeous flowers by Judy which were used by her to wrap the presents:
Papier-mâché pear by Judy, an absolute masterpiece:
Inside of Judy's pear:
Card and envelope by Marilena:
Gift wrap decoration by Gaye:
Gift box by Margaret:
Tag by Margaret (LOL, I love Margaret's sense of humour):
Hanging Babooshkas by Margaret:
Fabric gift bag by Celeste:
Three-dimensional picture by Celeste:
The back of the picture, also stunning:
Picture by Marlene:
Matching envelope for Marelene's picture:
Thank you PPs, you made my day and I will treasure the time we spent, the gifts and the art.


  1. It was a great day and you deserved being spoiled by all of us.

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