21 August 2011

Teaching at a stamp camp

I have been invited to teach at a stamp camp which was a great honour. I had my class yesterday and it was loads of fun.

This is the picture I created for the class. The background is made using National Geographic pages and Citra Solv type solvent. Citra Solve is a US brand and as far I know, not available in Australia, however I was finally able to find an Australian substitute. All ladies were very creative and most put different spins on the design which you can below.

These are some of the creations by the participants:
This is a fantastic creation in a different colour scheme by Theresa, it was wonderful to see a different and such creative spin on my design:
Another finish:

This is the back of the picture by Amanda Cordingly:
Another back by Eve Poole:
Another back by Jay:
And this is a wonderful present I received in appreciation, a small chest of draws:


  1. Lovely project. The girls were lucky to have you. Wonderful gift. You know I love butterflies!

  2. Fajne robisz warsztaty,chętnie wezmę w nich udział!

  3. Thanks for coming to Stamp Camp with your wonderful workshop. I really enjoyed making this mixed media decor piece. Everyones creation looked fabulous.