14 May 2012

Cards for my parents

I made these two cards for my parents in Poland, one is for Mother's Day and the other one for my father's 82nd birthday at the end of the month.

This card is for my Dad and I used his 

photo when he was a very young man, 

taken before he met my Mum.

This card is for my Mum and I used a photo of 

my sister and I when we were little, I am 

the blondie on the left and think I was about 

three years old when the photo was taken.


  1. jejku jaki tata na tym zdjęciu młody, a z nas były całkiem ładne dzieciaki, nawet Ty!!!!

  2. Your Dad was very handsome. Such cute sisters too.
    Wonderful cards you made for your parents. I bet they will be so grateful for these beautiful memories.
    What a machine you are lately.

  3. I just realised how much you look like your Dad. Very much so.

  4. Hi Kasha,
    Both of your cards are wonderful, I know your parents will love them. Ü