07 May 2012

Small vinyl bag

My friend Margaret helped me last night to make this small vinyl bag with some pages from a vintage children's book.  The pages are sandwiched with glue in between two pieces of vinyl and then sewn into the bag.  The hardest parts are to manoeuvre it while sewing as it is quite stiff, to turn it inside out and then attach the handles.  

View from the top

View from the bottom



View from one side


  1. Kasha... that looks awesome... wish i could have joined you girls!! well done!

  2. Ale cudna, już zacznij takie robić to będę miała na prezenty dla znajomych, a dla mnie poproszę taką samą tylko z kotem.

  3. Oglądam i oglądam i co raz bardziej mi się podoba, ponawiam zamówienie, przynajmniej jedną dla mnie!

  4. Wow, this looks fantastic!!! I love it!!!
    Hugs Trish