24 May 2012

Two new pictures

These are two new pictures I made recently on wood.

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14 May 2012

Cards for my parents

I made these two cards for my parents in Poland, one is for Mother's Day and the other one for my father's 82nd birthday at the end of the month.

This card is for my Dad and I used his 

photo when he was a very young man, 

taken before he met my Mum.

This card is for my Mum and I used a photo of 

my sister and I when we were little, I am 

the blondie on the left and think I was about 

three years old when the photo was taken.

Mother's Day card

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07 May 2012

Wedding hearts

Australian Art Sister Sue Smith is getting married this year and she plans to have mixed lots of mixed media hearts hanging during the ceremony.  I made three hearts to send for the occasion, they are two-sided and two hearts are identical on both sides, while one is not.  Here they are:

The heart on the right has different back

The heart on the right is the same one as above

Small vinyl bag

My friend Margaret helped me last night to make this small vinyl bag with some pages from a vintage children's book.  The pages are sandwiched with glue in between two pieces of vinyl and then sewn into the bag.  The hardest parts are to manoeuvre it while sewing as it is quite stiff, to turn it inside out and then attach the handles.  

View from the top

View from the bottom



View from one side

01 May 2012

Page Dwellers' exchange

Our little USA - Australia group is back this year and we just finished our first exchange.  The rules were - an arch page with a bird in a Julie Nutting style.  Below are the results:

Page by Celeste

Page by Gaye

Page by Barb

Page by Debbie in a true Julie Nutting style

Page by me

Journal page