08 September 2013

Poland - in Katowice

We travelled with my sister to the city of Katowice in the south of Poland, the area called Slask where there are many coal mines.  This was the very first time I was in this area.  We stayed with my sister's friends - Pawel and Tomek - two very nice guys.

The next day after we arrived, they took us to Zabrze and (unknowingly) fulfilled my dream of seeing an underground coal mine.  It was such a great idea also because it was a very hot day and the coal mine being 320 meters under ground had a temperature of 19 degrees.

The historic coal mine is called Guido:

Getting ready to go down:

We travelled down by a real mining lift, our ears were getting blocked quite a bit:

Underground with Pawel and Tomek:

 Some places were quite tight:

The guy on the left was our guide:

Walls were made of coal, lol:

This is the lowest letter box in Europe:

The coal mine was amazing and it gave us some idea about how extremely difficult and dangerous is the job of a miner, I can't imagine working in such conditions - noise, heat (normally the active coal mines are around 40 degrees), dirt, small spaces and danger.  We had a great and funny guide who was a coal miner for over 30 years and now is retired.

In the afternoon, the boys took us to this amazing historic suburb of Nikiszowiec.

The boys waving us good-bye when we were leaving by bus:


  1. Polecam, 320 metrów pod ziemią na upały idealne miejsce!!!!!

  2. Glad you enjoyed that. Not something i could handle.