08 September 2013

Poland - in Olsztyn

It was so good to get to my home town Olsztyn on the North East side of Poland.

During my visit, my sister and I often stayed in a country side in Gamerki Wielkie, in a forest and near a lake, where my sister has a block of land with an old Gypsy caravan.

Mushroom picking; there is nothing better than freshly picked forest mushrooms:

Bone fire at night:

Storks come to Poland in spring to breed and in early autumn they fly to north Africa for winter.  They build magnificent nests on top of houses, polls etc.  They are wonderful birds and very liked in Poland.

 Country transport:

An old church in Olsztyn:

My Dad:

My Mum:

With Copernicus who lived in Olsztyn:

A castle in Olsztyn built in the 14th century, where Copernicus lived in the 16th century:

 That's what happens to you when you misbehave over there, lol:

With my nephew Kuba:

My favourite snack, fresh sunflower seeds:

Even pigeons like sunflowers:

Heading away for a trip:

In Warsaw with the palace of science and culture in the background, a grand building built for us by the Russians as "a present" after the war:

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