27 June 2008

Cards for Mum and Dad

I have recently done two separate cards for my parents, 23 June is Father's Day in Poland (on the same day each year) and my Mum celebrates her name day on 27 June (yes, in Poland we celebrate name days which is pretty cool as you get presents twice - for your name day and your birthday!).
The photo I used for this card is of my Dad when he was a little boy, he was very cute with blonde curly hair and he tells me that many people thought he was a girl. He doesn't have such a problem any more, I guess when you are nearly bold it would be hard to think you are woman (lol). For the background I used the gorgeous exercise books with ink pen writing which I bought in Melbourne.

The following card was made for my Mum and I used my parents' wedding photo. Again, I used a page from the exercise book and the new and beautiful Collections papers.


  1. Hi Kasha. I love how you incorporate your family photos in your creations. These two are gorgeous. Great to see you have your Blog finally. Well done.

  2. Love your work Kasha, you have really come a long way since your first lesson, so very talented. I will look forward to visiting from time to time so that I can be inspired by you.

  3. These are gorgeous Kasha - and those blonde curls!! (how cute are they?)

  4. Beautiful cards Kasha (wish I had gone shopping with you girls...those exercise books are amazing).
    Wasnt your dad a little cutie with his golden curls? So nice to make the cards using such meaningful images for them both.

  5. Hello Kasha.
    I love your work - the detail and the meaning are always an inspiration. I look forward to seeing more in the future.