29 June 2008

Paper rusting day

On Saturday I spend the whole day with my friend Marilena (pictured with me below) at the Queensland Spinners, Weavers and Fibre Artists making rusted papers. It was so much fun and a wonderful communal event with an opportunity to meet so many talented artists who so generously shared their knowledge and skills with others.This is the recipe for the rusted paper (it will enlarge if you double click on it). We only used 3 ingredients omitting Indian Ink. It is good to experiment with different papers including thick cardboard. If you scrunch the paper you get an interesting effect of rust getting into the grooves. It is also fun to use different coloured papers and if you use a blue one, you will get a patina effect.This is me having fun.
Below are the papers drying in the sun. I am told it is good to iron the dry paper but I am yet to do this with my collection I manage to create on the day.


  1. Thanks for sharing the recipe Kasha, I have been trying to get organised to have a play with this technique... love what Jo does too!

    Check out the blog of Jo Horswill (Mystory) on my blog, she does some wonderful rusting and has tutorials.

    Loving your blog.

  2. These are gorgeous papers! They should be a lot of fun to create more artwork with... thanks for sharing the recipe - think a play day is in order! Deb