30 June 2008

Paper quilts made from scraps

I have recently been very inspired by the work of Gillian Hamilton who does wonderful work and lots of stitching in her designs. On the weekend I started playing with scraps of backgrounds I made and other papers I just pulled out from my scrap box. Below are the results which I scanned in sets of 4. On some cards I used acetate while on others some ribbon or ric rac.


  1. Thanks for sharing that Kasha - looks fantastic and very inspiring!


  2. WOWEE Kasha!
    Such Beautiful pieces of ART!
    I just love what you've done, your paper quilts look good enough to curl up under :)
    So Beautifully Composed!

    thankyou for your lovely link, I'm glad you like my work, I certainly LOVE yours :)

  3. Wow, you've been busy Kasha...gorgeous cards!

  4. I really like these! You've inspired me to try some too!

  5. Kasha!
    Your paper quilt cards are wonderful!! Just love working with scraps don't you!!
    The book that you made with Nina is wonderful- she is such a doll isn't she!!
    i am thrilled to find your blog!!!

  6. These look fabulous Kasha! And yes you have inspired me to do something with all my scraps too!

  7. Hi Kasha
    What a lovely blog you have here , so much to look art and be inspired by. I love these paper quilts, so exciting.
    Thanks too for the recipe for rust paper, another one of those things on the to do list.