26 March 2009

Captain UnderPants and other fun at the retreat

Here is the Captain UnderPants, Jen Crossley extraordinaire! You can read the history of Jen becoming Captain UnderPants on her blog, she explained it well there. It was loads of fun which no doubt you can see on the photos below.

Jen waiting for "Captain Underpants" to be called out

and there she comes to the rescue!

Jen also showed us how she danced in the 70s.

and as you can see, some people were crying from laughter, it was hilarious.

Jen was a bit tired after her performances, lol.

Here you can see the backs of unsuspecting Greta and Jen who had some messages placed on them. Greta's message said: "There is no one in the world like me" while Jen's was: "You are never alone and always loved"

Jen, Gaye Todd and I doing some "pole dancing".
The retreat was an excellent experience in all accounts. It was so great to catch up with old friends and meet new people. Classes were superb and organisation top class, Bevlea and her helpers (Eva and Lucy) have outdone themselves. I wasn't going to go to the retreat next year but decided I couldn't stay away so I AM GOING in 2010! I fully recommend the retreat to you, it is worth every cent, you can check it out here what's on offer next year.


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  2. This Retreat was the best and the extra entertainment that was done by Jen was just leaving people in stitches. Thanks for sharing more of the CSR Retreat.

  3. Hi Kasha, i just received the beautiful AOTM piece you made. Yay.. Its just gorgeous ! Thankyou so much - great colours and imagery. Glad to hear more stories of the retreat too. Sounds like fun !

  4. Gee Kasha, i don't know how I slept through all of that! Nice to meet you at the retreat, it was indeed a great weekend. Megan

  5. glad you enjoyed the retreat Kasha.. and so glad to see you back next year....love seeing everyone's pics... I totally missed Captain Underpants! :-(