06 June 2009

Day one of the PMC class

Today I did the first day of the Precious Metal Clay (PMC) class with Maggie Bergman on the Gold Coast but she also does classes in Melbourne if you are interested. She is a fantastic teacher, highly recommended.
We fully created 3 pieces and started on 2 more which are being fired overnight in a kiln, it will be exciting to see how they turn up tomorrow morning.

These are two little charms I made first off, they turned up to the cute little things.
PMC works like magic which I managed to photograph today as I went through every step.
This is a formed piece, ready to be fired.

This piece has just been fired with a butane torch and already turned into silver which can't be seen as it needs to be polished. It works like magic - you should have heard us oohing in the class when it went from this to what you see on the next picture.

This is what you get after you treat the piece with a steel brush.

And with some further burnishing you get this. We are still to patina this tomorrow to highlight certain parts and to age it a bit.


  1. wow kasha, these look amazing, cant wait to see more xx

  2. These look great Kasha and sounds like you had a ball. I look forward to seeing more of your creations.

  3. Wow, that's amazing, Kasha. I'd be oohing and aahing too - infact I am, just looking at your pics!