07 June 2009

PMC class part 2

These are all the pieces I made, polished and with patina, now I have to make them into necklaces. The two colourful pieces are with glass which Maggie makes herself. In the future I probably prefer to make pieces just from silver clay with no other additions but it was good to practice and learn all techniques.

The below piece is a ring which I made today. It is quite difficult to make a ring as the clay shrinks 12% after firing and you need to incorporate the shrinkage into the ring size so it still fits on your finger. Thanks to Maggie my size is perfect and the ring fits on the finger I made it for!

Guess what? PMC is so addictive that I already signed up for an intermediate class in September and advanced one in November. If only the clay was a bit cheaper...


  1. These are great Kasha and I love that ring!

  2. Kasha these look fantastic!!!! Must be heaps of fun if you are already signed up the September and November classes.

    Your pieces are beautiful, love those little charms.

    Jacky xox

  3. Wow Kasha - what you made is fantastic and you obviously learned so much! Can't wait to see your pieces next time we catch up!

  4. Wow - how wonderful!! Love it all - you are so clever!

  5. This piece is gorgeous! I am so so so impressed.

    p.s. thank you so much for voting for my piece over at Mind Wide Open!