01 June 2009

New floor and feeling very sore

Finally I had a free weekend to finish the floor in the spare room which is somewhat a "controversial" room. My husband Ross thinks it is his room and he calls is "the media room" as there is a spare TV and a computer there. He recently put a huge world map on the wall and enjoys checking locations of various countries all the time. My sister calls it her room as this is where she stays when she visits us but also Celeste, who stays with us from time to time, has a claim on that room, lol. Anyway, the floor is done and I can hardly walk now , muscles in my legs and buttocks are just killing me, I never thought I had so many muscles!

Inspecting the floor

Ross's world map


  1. Hey Kasha, My floor looks fantastic. Thanks for the great job in 'my' room.

  2. You're a go-getter Kasha... the floor looks fantastic!

    Love the button necklace you made for Deb too. When do you do your class with Maggie? I'm looking forward to seeing what you create (I'm definately going to book into one of her classes later in the year).

    Jacky xox