21 June 2009

Marlene's 50th Surprise Birthday party

Marlene's sister Linda has organised a surprise party for Marlene's 50th birthday, as you can see from the photos below, she was completely stunned when she entered a small room where we were all waiting for her, I was glad she didn't have a heart attack, lol.

Bottom left: Marlene with her sisters Linda and Lynn and her Mum. Bottom right: all the guests

Linda is a professional wedding and events organiser and the party was superb. It was a high tea with beautifully decorated table, floating roses, yummy food and a gorgeous birthday cake.

As a present I made a small picture for Marlene. This is the packaging.

Marlene opening it.

Marlene showing off the picture while chatting with Gaye.

Here is the picture. It started with little houses and it grew to a wooden block with all other stuff on it. I was glad to use my vintage keys which I bought on a Polish ebay and the blue egg beads which I bought during my last trip to Melbourne.

A close up. I used 47 upholstery tacks for this picture, last night Ross told me to stop banging as I was going to wake up the neigbhours, not to mention that he couldn't sleep either. I had to quickly finish the nailing this morning, before leaving for the party.


  1. Such a great day.... love your artwork for Marlene!

  2. Well, isnt Marlene a lucky girl. This is wonderful Kasha. Love the hanging keys too along the bottom. Very clever.

  3. This wall hanging is stunning, I'm sure Marlene was thrilled to receive such an original gift from the heart. I just love those tacks, they really add something to your pieces. I just bought some keys on eBay ... more than I expected actually as I was bidding on 3 different sets ... ah well, I'm sure I'll use 60 odd keys some day!!

  4. she is a lucky girl to get such a wonderful piece

  5. What a lovely surprise for Marlene! I'll bet she loved her gift - beautiful work!

  6. Really beautiful, and b..gger the neighbours when an artist is in residence..LOL..Love the blue eggs and the keys...xx

  7. Hallo Kasha,
    Thank you for your visit and comment! Your wall hanging is quite lovely!!

  8. Kasha I love these pieces you are doing on the wood. The keys you picked up of the polish ebay are gorgeous (shame we cant check out the polish one....bit of a language barrier there). The furniture tacks look fantastic too.

    Jacky xox